Ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilization


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Validation of the ethylene oxide sterilization cycle according to ISO 11135 (2014).

Ethylene oxide decontamination treatment.

Routine ethylene oxide sterilization cycle with supply of biological indicators and on-site revelation.

Aeration of your products in the desorption chamber.
dispositif médical

Examples of products treated with ethylene oxide
by Steriservices

Compresses, gowns, dressings, surgical drapes, treatment sets, custom packs, orthopedic implants, eye cups, tubing, catheters, implantable chambers, mesotherapy kits, ramps, extensions, tattoo needles, surgical cements, plastic and metal instrumentation, gloves, intraocular implants, injectors, breast prostheses, sterile cleanroom equipment, etc.

General technical specifications :

  • Double door sterilizers,

  • The preheating, vacuum conditioning and gas contact phases are integrated in the same cell for maximum traceability,

  • Vacuum cycle in a gas mixture inerted with nitrogen (non-flammable).

Autoclave oxyde éthylène

Others activities

Customized packaging of medical devices
An efficient installation and a specialized team.
Storage and logistic
Reduce storage and inventory management costs.
Ethylene oxide residual testing
Market your products without risk.
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