Ethylene oxide formation



At the request of our customers, we now organize training sessions on ETHYLENE OXIDE remotely so as to allow a wider participation of staff. These sessions are also part of professional training.

Please contact our account manager for more details on the practical organization of these sessions.

A knowledge test is carried out at the end of each part and then supplemented by a final test giving rise to the issuance of a training certificate.

Content and program of the training :

Two-part introduction to the main properties of ethylene oxide sterilization followed by an initial assessment.

Part one – sterilization and decontamination

Elements covered:

A slideshow of definitions

The stages of gas sterilization

The different mixtures

Second part – validation of an Ethylene Oxide sterilization cycle

Elements covered:

Qualification of installations

How a sterilizer works

Calibration of probes Evolution of the NF standard in ISO 11135 version 2014

Validation of an Ethylene Oxide sterilization cycle

The microbiological performance qualification

Part Three – The Biocharge

Element addressed :

Biocharge analysis

Part Four – The Sterilization Process

Element addressed :

Control of the ethylene oxide sterilization process

Part Five – Controls

Element addressed :

Control of the product and its packaging

Conclusion on all training content with Ethylene Oxide followed by an overall test on training.

Audience :
  • Medical device manufacturers

  • Production staff

  • Process validation manager

  • Quality Manager

  • Responsible production

  • Technical director

Training aims :

• Acquire knowledge relating to the IQ and OQ qualification of an Ethylene Oxide sterilization facility.

• Understand the QP validation of a sterilization cycle as well as acquire knowledge relating to controls and regulations relating to ethylene oxide sterilization.

No prerequisite
Computer or smartphone with internet access
Estimated time: 8 hours
100% online
Easy to use platform

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