Packaging of medical devices


Main activities supported by STERISERVICES according to your specifications

In order to meet the packaging demands of medical devices, we have two ISO-7 Controlled Atmosphere Zones fully integrated into the flow of products intended to be sterilized by ethylene oxide or by moist heat.

Ligne de conditionnement

Packaging machines provided :

IT management of stocks available online on the internet Continuous scroll sealers for manual packaging (for sealing packaging in sheets of paper, or in laminated sheets of paper, and in TYVEK® sheets) of products intended for packaging

Two MECAPACK® packaging machines for thermoformed cells: different molds available to you in flexible or rigid materials.

Staff provided :

Packaging agents authorized and trained in medical products and the requirements of ISO 13485.

Machine conditionnement

Description of the equipment :

IT management of stocks available online on the internet

Inspection upon receipt of products intended for packaging

Inspection upon receipt of the raw material required for packaging

Ultrasonic cleaning on 4-tank AMSONIC® station (washing, 2 rinses, drying)

Double door automated washer cleaning (gray zone / ZAC ISO 7)

Packaging of individual medical products or in sets and packs Flat, single, double or manual bagging

Packaging on thermoforming line Integrity check according to ISO 11607

Individual or grouping boxes

Presentation of boxes for sterilization

Steriservices can also take care of all other activities such as: complete or partial assemblies of components, surface disinfection, functional checks.

Others activities

Ethylene Oxide Sterilization
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Customized packaging of medical devices
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Storage and logistic
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Ethylene oxide residual testing
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Online formation (MOOC)
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