Our activities

Since 2001 Steriservices has been providing differents services to respond to the demands of the French and European markets.

ON VIDEOSteriservices takes action against the COVID-19 crisis

Steriservices company, specialized in sterilization and located in Bernay Normandy, produces swabs intended for screening the coronavirus.


QUALITYEthylene oxide residual testing

Thanks to an efficient installation and a specialized team, Steriservices offers you the possibility of carrying out dosages of gas residues allowing you to market your products without risk for the patient.

ZOOM ONSterilization

Whether using ethylene oxide or moist heat, sterilization is the core business of Steriservices.

With 20 years of experience in the field, the company from Eure, masters exceptional know-how and improves its techniques every day.

Steriservices offers you a full range of services:

  • Validation of the ethylene oxide sterilization cycle according to ISO 11135 (2014) or according to ISO 17665 for moist heat
  • Routine sterilization cycle with supply of biological indicators and revelation on site
  • Treatment or decontamination
  • Aeration of your products in the desorption chamber

Others activities

Customized packaging of medical devices
An efficient installation and a specialized team.
Storage and logistic
Reduce storage and inventory management costs.
Ethylene oxide residual testing
Market your products without risk.
Online formation (MOOC)
Learn all about Ethylene Oxide with 100% online training.