Steam sterilization


In short :

Since the end of 2011, Steriservices has chosen to develop a humid heat sterilization offer.

We are thus able to offer subcontracted sterilization services according to the 2 technologies:

Ethylene Oxide and Humid Heat.

In order to meet the requirements of good Humid Heat sterilization practice, we have created a suitable space of more than 150m², fully insulated and ventilated :

  • product reception sluice
  • non-sterile loading area
  • sterile unloading area
Stérilisation chaleur humide
Chambre de désorption

Steriservices, is certified by LNE / GMed for this activity :

Validation of the sterilization cycle according to ISO 17665,

Routine sterilization cycle with supply of a treatment certificate also available on the website,

Moist heat decontamination treatment.

General technical specifications :

Our 2 autoclaves with a total volume of 830 liters, offer us a useful capacity of approximately 500 liters.

These autoclaves supplied by the company Sterichem and MDS allow the realization of different steam cycles:

Double door sterilizer.

Recording of sterilization parameters according to PM QUALITY software.

Realization of 3 different types of cycles:

  • solid cycle
  • liquid cycle
  • ventilated air cycle

Each of these three cycles are perfectly configurable in order to best adapt to the products and to the various constraints associated with them.

For any information, do not hesitate to contact us now.

Autoclave vapeur

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