Storage and logistic

Steriservices offers you the option of eliminating the cost of transporting sterile products back to your site and reducing storage and inventory management costs.

Ressources :

We provide a surface of more than 2000 m² equipped with 7 loading / unloading docks for the storage of your products in the form of packages or pallets. We can take care of the management of your stocks as well as the preparation of your daily customer orders.

Steriservices manages all of your stocks on a dedicated web space, via our site, allowing you to know in real time the situation of your products with expiry management.

  • The storage buildings are protected, secured and heated.
  • The circulation of sterile products, handling, storage and preservation of products meet the requirements of ISO 13485.
  • The entries and exits in “FIFO” of stocks are managed by a software adapted to your requirements.
  • Storekeepers are trained in the management of sterile product stocks.

Others activities

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